What is PR-Labs??

PR-Labs is a company made up of competitive lifters that want to bring you the highest quality products at an affordable price.


Our athlete roster is currently full, and we do not have an ambassador program.

Feel free to check back in a few months!


What’s in it?

Per Pill:

  1. 400mg Alpha GPC
  2. 200mg Beetroot
  3. 200mg L-Carnitine
  4. 125mg caffeine

Why so few ingredients?

If you start looking at unbiased independent research, you’ll see that 85% of what is in your current pre-workout has never been proved to help with anything. The phrase “maybe help” is casually thrown around like it means something, and the ingredients that are used don’t have enough of the compound to actually effect your body. Which bring us to the next F.A.Q.:

There’s no Beta-Alanine??

No. A person needs to take in around 5g/day (Examine.com) for it to have the effects that companies claim you’ll get out of their supplements. If you look though, there usually isn’t more than 1-1.5g’s in these company’s pre-workout. Why? You start to get the infamous itch at 1.5g+. SO, you would have to take their pre-workout 3x a day, EVERYDAY, for you to get the benefits.

That’s why we don’t use it.



How long do your belts take to ship?

We keep our belts stocked in our warehouse. This means no waiting six-eight weeks for delivery. They usually ship the next business day!

Why buy from PR-Labs?

We are committed to making the best possible products, helping you achieve your goals, and giving back to the lifting community. We are a small company that aims to do big things. We know how much you put your body though when you want to be the best, and we feel you should be rewarded. Our goal is to put money back into the lifters pockets though sponsorship’s that actually help the athlete, and by sponsoring competitions with cash rewards. This isn’t possible without your support!!

Payment Information

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Debit/Credit cards


PayPal Express

Orders and Returns

Do I need an account to place an order?

No, you can use the guest checkout

Who should I to contact if I have any queries, want to cancel/change my order, or return something?

Please use the “Get In Touch” tab at the top of the page.

Can I Return a Product?

Unused products can be returned within seven days at buyer’s shipping expense.

Pre-Workout can NOT be returned.

If a product is defective you can return it at no shipping charge to the buyer.