Vids Live from the Lab

The bench press is a keystone of every basic fitness plan. However, over 40% of people are doing it wrong. Bad form can lead to undue stress in your shoulders, injury, less growth in strength and muscle just to name a few side effects. Take a moment and view our video to make sure you are getting the most out of every rep and every set next time you lift.There is no shortcut on the road success you must work for it. However, there are ways to enhance the ride; warm up with PR-Labs pre-work out. You will feel the difference and thank us for it later.

Sure, you may never have to lift a car off a person or hold up parts of collapsed wall; but squats are cornerstone of building strength. Just like with many exercises you do, form dictates how impactful each movement is. Watch how the perfect squat form engages the muscles. A few minutes of your time can have you wanting to set new personal records!
Don’t skip leg day.
More videos coming soon, stay tuned for more from the lab. In the mean time get your PR Labs Gear to feel like the winner you are striving to be every day.